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Pure Consciousness and the Love of Love

By Jessica Karpinske

SUN APR 04, 2021

Maybe the universe is breathing me

Like we’re in complete union

My inhalation, the exhalation of the cosmos

My exhalation, the inhalation of the universe

There is no space between us

The space between everything is energy

Completely held ~ Completely free ~ Both at the same time

Cosmic union…


Our souls have no gender, they are true love

The ultimate pure love

Consciousness ~ Awareness

What if our love and attraction could transcend the constraints of the patriarchal institution and we could just love another soul purely from true love

A divine interaction

Not a business transaction

I want to see your heart when it’s been polished and your pure love is freed from it’s cage

Until then, I am going to keep loving

Keep the revelation of my own heart singing out in the direction of this vision

Buddha love

My love for the world ~ my love of love itself

My fire isn’t contingent on what you give back to me

True love isn’t an on again off again kinda thing

I know your wings were damaged, so were mine

I choose to keep believing, so I practice flying every day

Our flights might cross paths for awhile


I will keep loving even when you are gone

Infinite love is THE PATH


If life is the ultimate meditation and death is the ultimate orgasm, then…

My mind was just blown

We’re always in meditation

Each day bringing awareness and just trying to be present in each moment

The ultimate end goal is complete union with the divine

What bliss and ecstasy!

It takes away the fear of death if the ultimate union happens at the time of our last breath



When I look into your eyes, I see my reflection

In your laughter, I feel your heart’s energy

Your curiosity and the look in your eyes when I catch you looking at me…

It’s the craziest thing to witness

Our energies have a matching frequency


You say my love is like fire and you can’t love me the way I love you

I make you feel things you have never experienced before

How can it be so right and so wrong at the same time?

Holding 2 opposing things to be true at the same time is like a trust fall







Clearly we’re so right for each other


I want to stay lost in your gaze and feel your lips dance with mine

I see you

I want to know you

I want to dig through your trunk of old shit so I know what you keep stored in there

Leave it behind

Let’s have an adventure

I’ll bring my 12 year old self if you bring yours


Your sweet words have me love drunk and dreaming in another language

I want to run away to the beach with you and never come back

Latin romance should be taught to Midwestern men


You are sexy

You should know and believe this

Most important thing I needed to hear at the time

Thank you

I now know and believe it


What is it that I seek?

A friend…

A lover…






We are microcosms of the larger model

Our breath, a personal tide

Drawing in new prana…space dust…to feed each cell in our bodies

Washing away the old

My waste becoming food for the plants

Never existing alone in this world, we are all interdependent

We act independent

The truth is, I need you and you need me

Your exhalation

The words you speak

The kisses you lay on my lips

The love you give

The silence and space you hold

It is all my inhalation

It’s my food

An unspoken beauty of the reciprocity of humans

Too wrapped up in the day-to-day space-wasters of unimportant to-dos and blah-blah-blahs…

Be still

Become more sensible

Our hearts play the same tune

Get quiet and listen

The ocean doesn’t ask for permission for the tide to wash in

The honey doesn’t ask to be sweet

It knows

It is it’s true self

The leaves don’t need permission to fall in the autumn

Why then, do we need permission to be who we truly are?

We ask permission to love, to be free, to be pure consciousness

Permission to be what we already are

When the obstacles are removed, the orchestra plays well together…

There is no other way

Don’t ask permission

Know who you are

Know where you’re going

My heart never majored in logic


I don’t need permission

Life didn’t come with a manual


I am not confused

It is a knowing

An intense, deep knowing and being in an intimate relationship with ourselves and the universe

With each other

Unapologetically, pure love…

Always and forever

I will stand in the ocean and let the waves wash over me

A universal cleansing of my soul

Every day a heart clearing

Every day a slow dance and a long, romantic kiss with the universe

Romancing life with a wild heart running free.