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The Mystery of the Lover's Dance

By Jessica Karpinske

SAT MAY 11, 2019

I think as humans we are all lovers.  Lovers of something, someone, hopefully ourselves... When I was at my yoga teacher training in Bali in February 2018, we were asked to set an intention one morning during asana practice, then to move with that intention throughout practice.

One of the core principles of the training was, "how I do anything is how I do everything."  My intention that morning was to be a better lover.  Meaning "one who loves".  A better lover of myself, of others, of the earth, of everything...because as my therapist will always remind me, love is our highest vibration.  It is the truth.  I set an intention to bring more love into my practice of being human and try to remember that each day.

Maybe this is my attraction to Rumi and Sufi poetry.  Rumi writes about God as the Beloved and our oneness with God who is in everything wherever we go each day.  It is this belief, even before setting the intention to be a better lover that morning on my yoga mat in Bali, that helps me feel closer to God and to the universal powers that are greater than me.  Knowing that God is the color painted all over this earth and the sun in the sky, the love we feel looking into our loved one's eyes...everywhere all the time...

I don't claim to be a religious person, but there is something magical about the grace, wonder and joy given in our lives each day from forces beyond what we can understand in the logical world.

~ The Mystery of the Lover's Dance... ~

Oh my love, we can dance the dance of 1,000 mysteries, only seen by lovers in this dance of oneness  

The look in your eyes, your smile, our conversations, silent moments we share, our sweet kisses... 

It's a joy that lacks adequate words

Being at home without a physical location.  A home that is located by a feeling inside

Everywhere and nowhere


Being present in your arms, your lips and in this art

...but only for today because nothing else exists

A love language that is effortless, yet a constant mystery unraveling itself to lovers who are learning which move is next 

Feeling the way blindly and hoping my heart and yours both feel their way back...soon

A different kind of longing...

Knowing I'm always home, so grateful for each moment and yet still that old longing...

...For the continued mystery of the dance 

But the music is on pause and keeping us suspended...

Learn the next dance moves and keep spinning the intricate web 

Lighthearted and joyful is the essence of this truth known as love

Keep on the path...

How I show up anywhere is how I show up everywhere

I'm showing up as a love kamikaze...

How are you coming to the next dance?

All there is to lose is fear

We already know who we are. I will never take this from you

...and this is the gift that is this love.